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Amtrak’s US growing popularity has led to a call for needed information at the beginning and end of passenger train travel.  This guide gives you information on key Amtrak train stations including the train routes they service, station amenities and local transportation. 

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Guide to Amtrak Train Stations



At Amtrak Train Stations Across America we provide information on the main train stations served by Amtrak.  It is our view that your passenger train travel begins the moment you leave your home .  We have included transfer information for airports and buses, taxis, shops, bars and restaurants, parking facilities, key telephone numbers and web sites and local weather conditions.  We want you to have the most enjoyable trip to and through Amtrak stations on whatever train route you are traveling.


You can check out the local weather along the way and also get a forecast for the next 4 days.


We provide details of rental cars and other ground transportation options so that you can check out the most favorable rates to get a free quote and make a booking online.



Amtrak General Information (Including Key Train Stations) 



During the 12 months ending September 2007, Amtrak served over 25.8 million passengers.  Amtrak serves more than 500 destinations in 46 states on 21,000 miles of train routes with nearly 19,000 employees.  If included among U.S. airlines, Amtrak would be ranked 8th in the number of passengers served.


Amtrak's eight busiest passenger train routes in 2007 (in order) were (key train stations in parenthesis):


1.       Northeast Corridor (Boston, MA-New York, NY-Washington, DC)

2.      Pacific Surfliner Service (San Diego-Los Angeles-San Luis Obispo, all in CA) 

3.      Capital Corridor (San Jose-Oakland-Sacramento-Auburn, all in CA)

4.      Keystone Corridor (Philadelphia-Harrisburg, both in PA)

5.      Empire Service (New York-Albany-Buffalo, all in NY)

6.      San Joaquin Service (Oakland-Fresno-Bakersfield, all in CA)

7.      Amtrak Cascades Service (Eugene, OR-Portland, OR-Seattle, WA-Vancouver, BC)

8.      Hiawatha Service (Chicago, IL-Milwaukee, WI)


The top 10 busiest Amtrak train stations in 2007 (in order) were:


1.       New York, NY

2.      Washington, DC

3.      Philadelphia, PA

4.      Chicago, IL

5.      Los Angeles, CA

6.      Boston, MA

7.       Baltimore, MD

8.      Sacramento, CA

9.      San Diego, CA

10.   Albany-Rensselaer, NY


Train Routes and Stations in the Northeast


Within the Northeast Corridor, Amtrak is the preferred method of transportation. The Acela Express trains offer Reserved First and Business class accommodation to Washington, DC and Boston, MA from New York, NY.  These fast trains go between over 135 mph in portions of its route.  There is a 35-mile stretch between Boston, MA and New Haven, CT where the normal speed of the train is 150 mph!


The trip on the Acela Express takes about 3 hours between New York, NY and Washington, DC.  Below are some travel times from New York, NY and Washington, DC to other northeastern train stations:



New York City, NY 

Washington, DC 

Baltimore, MD 

2.25 hours

0.75 hours

Boston, MA 

3.50 hours

6.50 hours

Philadelphia, PA 

1 hour

2 hours


Train Stations in Florida (Orlando Hub)


The Orlando train station is the hub for Amtrak transportation in Florida.  Amtrak train routes and thruway connecting services are available from most Florida destinations from Orlando.  Also, long distance trains from New York and Washington, DC and Los Angeles either terminate or go through Orlando. 


The most unique experience is taking the Auto Train from Lorton, VA (outside of Washington, DC) to Sanford, FL (outside of Orlando).  This train carries passenger vehicles in specially designed carriers.  It is the longest passenger train in the world, with two engines and 40-plus passenger rail cars and vehicle carriers.  The 900 mile, non-stop trip takes 16 ½ hours overnight allowing the passengers to get a good night rest before reaching their destination.


There are two trains daily traveling across Florida.  Below are some travel times from the Orlando train station




3.5 hours


2 hours


5.75  hours


Trains and Stations in the Midwest



With Chicago, IL as its hub, Amtrak has extensive service in the Midwest. In coordination with the Thruway Connecting Services providers, most medium to large cities have scheduled service.  Also, most of the long-distance trains, including Amtrak's Empire Builder train route, originate or end at the Chicago train station.  Therefore, foreign travelers should consider arriving in and/or departing from Chicago's Union Station to start their travel on Amtrak train routes across the US.



These cities have daily multiple passenger train travel service from Chicago's Amtrak train station:



Number of trains

Time from Chicago, IL 

Detroit, MI


6.5 hours

St. Louis, MO 


5.5 hours

Milwaukee, WI


1.5 hours

Cleveland, OH


7 hours

Kansas City, MO


7 hours

Portland, OR Union Station  

Seattle King Street Station

Washington, DC Union Station 



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