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Seattle King St. Station

303 S. Jackson St.
Seattle, Washington


Amtrak Code: SEA



Seattle King St. Station Information


South of downtown Seattle, the station is located between S. King and S. Jackson Streets and 2nd and 4th Avenues S.  It is part of the Pioneer Square neighborhood.  The entrance to the station is at the end of King St. east of 2nd Avenue.  King St. deadends at the train station.


Seattle ranks as the 16th busiest Amtrak station handling over 580,000 passengers a year.  The station has six tracks handling Amtrak and Sound Transit Sounder communter trains to Everett and Tacoma.  Three Amtrak lines depart from Seattle:


  • Amtrak Cascades north to Vancouver BC and south to Eugene, OR


  • Coast Starlight to Southern California



There is also high-speed catamarn service from Seattle's Pier 69 (one mile from the King St. station) to Victoria, BC.  There are hotels and rental cars close to Seattle King St. Station.


The station is open from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm daily.  Although the ticket windows are open from 6:15 am to 8:00 pm, Quik-Trak machines are available for ticketing anytime the station is open.  Checked baggage service is available from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm.


Seattle King St. Station Car Rentals


Avis, Fox and Hertz rental car companies will either pick you up at King St. Station or reimburse your cab fare to their offices.  You can find out more at rental cars at Seattle King Street Station.  To find out more read our article on car rental at Seattle King St. Station.


Seattle King St. Station Hotels


There are a number of quality hotels close to Seattle King St. Station.  The Courtyard, Renaissance, and Crowne Plaza are just a brief cab ride away.  Also, the Courtyard is located next to the Link light rail line.  You can find out more at hotels at Seattle King St. Station.


Seattle King St. Station Arrivals


Arrivals into Seattle King St. Station can be checked at the Amtrak web site:  Please complete the "Train Status" box and click on "Next" to get the estimated and scheduled arrival times.  You can also check historical on-time performance on the same page.  Once inside the Main Terminal, you will find the baggage claim area on the far left of the waiting room and Seattle rental car pick up outside the main entrance.  We provide more information and details on arrivals at Seattle King St. Station.


Seattle King St. Station Departures


Check-in for your departing train at either the Amtrak ticketing windows or the Quik-Trak machine.  As you enter the station, you will find the ticketing office and Quik-Trak machine on the south (right) wall of the station.  We provide more information and details on departures at Seattle King St. Station.


Seattle King St. Station Taxis


Taxis are available at the main entrance on King St.   Taxis may carry up to 9 passengers with metered rates.  There is also a flat rate to Sea-Tac Airport from the train station.  To find out more about the local tariffs and contact details for the local cab firms visit our information on taxis at Seattle King St. Station.


Seattle King St. Station Buses


Local public buses are to be found on numerous streets surrounding the train station including  Jackson Street, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Avenues.  King County Metro Transit provides this service.  The bus begins at $1.75 during peak periods and $1.50 during off-peak periodsfor a single fare. For more details on routes and timetables visit our guide to buses at Seattle King St. Station.


Seattle King St. Station Local Trains


The good news is that the Sound Transit Commuter service to Everett and Tacoma shares King St. Station with Amtrak.  This service operates on weekdays only.  In 2009, Metro Transit opened two light rail lines.  The first one  runs from downtown south to Sea-Tac Airport.  The second one runs from downtown north to the University of Washington.   The closest stop to the King St. Station is at the International District/Chinatown Station at 5th Avenue South and South Weller Street.   We provide full details on routes and timetables forlocal trains at Seattle King St. Station.


Seattle King St. Station Airport Transportation


There are many different options to reach Sea-Tac Airport.  These options range from Sounder trains to private limousine services.  You may wish to pick up your Seattle rental car at the airport.  For more details on these options visit airport transportation from Seattle King St. Station.


Seattle King St. Station Parking


There are two parking facilities close to the train station.  For short-term parking, use the Qwest Field North parking lot at Second Avenue South and South King St.  For long-term and overnight parking the King Street Center garage  across the street from the train station on South King St. close to Second Avenue South is the most convenient. For more details visit our guide to parking facilities at Seattle King St. Station.


Seattle King St. Station Bars & Restaurants

There are no restaurants at King St. Station at this time.  For more details on the eating and drinking outlets close to the station in the Pioneer Square area and to find out where they are located visit our guide to bars and restaurants near Seattle King St. Station.


Seattle King St. Station Shops

There is an ATM in the train station and information desks . Located in the Pioneer Square area of downtown, there are a number of art gallaries, antique shops and other stores and services within walking distance of the station. We provide full details of locations for the shops near Seattle King St. Station.


Seattle King St. Station General Information


Built by the Great Northern and Northern Pacific Railways, the train station was opened to passenger service in 1906.  The building was constructed with granite and deep red bricks.  The station's 242 foot clock tower was inspired by the Piazza de San Marco's bell tower in Venice, Italy.  The tower was the tallest structure in Seattle when completed until 1914.  It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.  We have provided more detailed information in our general information on Seattle King St. Station.

Seattle Weather

For full details on the weather in Seattle and the surrounding area, as well as a 4 day forecast click on the link above.

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